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Chipolo to anything you don’t want to lose. Connect it to the free Chipolo app.


Chipolo from the app or double press it to ring your phone. Even if it’s on silent.


your missing items. The app remembers when and where you last had them.


Nice little device

Range and connection could've been better, but the device is tiny and mostly works great.

Øystein Kjærnet

This chip is a wonderful

This way I'll never forget my wallet when leaving home. Works perfectly after the app was updated. Support is also first class.

Timo Mustila

This product exceeded
my expectations

I am using Chipolo for a while now. And I must admit that product exceeded my expectations. It is especially useful at looking items in both directions (looking for Chipolo or a phone). And my phone has additional functionality with Chipolo because I can use it as mobile shutter when taking pictures.

Dejan Jeraj


The Chipolo has really helped me find my wallet quickly, which would otherwise have required 10 - 20 minutes of frantically looking through my room. Sometimes the app has a problem with finding the Chipolo. But this does not happen often, only when I haven't used it in a while. The Chipolo company has a great customer service, replying instantly through their live chat. You can also get batteries sent to you without charge if those in your Chipolo don't work anymore! I am definitely going to recommend this to friends that also lose their things quickly.

Bart van Ingen

Battery problems solved!

I had battery problems with my defective Chipolo and they sent me a new one for free :) Five stars to support service!

Alfonso Duque


Love my Chipolo. Works better than l expected, no dramas at all. If l misplace my keys, my phone finds them, if l can't find my phone, a shake of the Chipolo, found it. This is a little lifesaver. I've told everyone about it, l luv it…

Donna Kim Bradley

Great customer service

Like the others have said here they have great customer service. My unit wouldn't connect but they tried their best to help on a Sunday. Turns out I needed to restart my phone. All good now and seems to connect better than my TrackR.

Justin Hone

Very good support!

The app works very well. My Chipolo stopped working after about a month, so I emailed their customer support. While I was waiting for them to respond, I tried putting a new battery into the Chipolo, and it started working again. I mentioned this to their support (the batteries are supposed to last about 6 months, not 1 month), and they sent me 2 more batteries free of charge.

Gary Bowers

Works really well

I am very satisfied with the chipolo. I have three and it's easy to find back your stuff. Recently hit 1 defective and that was without any problem immediately replaced by chipolo team. I also tried other Keyfinders but this puts it head and shoulders above the rest.

Jan Petrus

It works

It does what it's supposed to do. Very useful.

Valentin Uveges

The best present

My wife loses her keys all the time; like daily! When i saw Chipolo i was super excited about her never having this problem again. So far, it’s worked! Chipolo is the small device the size of about a quarter that you attach to whatever device you don’t want to lose. You then use your phone to track the chipolo so you can find it (and whatever stuff it’s attached to)!

J. Sistin

Works great!

I constantly misplace my keys around the house and this not only tells me as I get closer to the keys but also rings to help locate it under cushions/paper work/ etc. Added bonus is if I misplace my phone it works the other way around.


Peace of mind, finally.

I got a second one for my wallet too. I no longer rush around like a mad man trying to find where I left the keys wallet or phone.


Love it!

Love the Chipolo. Use one to find my car in crowded parking lots, and one to find my keys.


Wonderful product

Happy with the product! I use it to find my keys using my smartphone and it has come in handy so many times! Easy to set up is a plus too!